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About us

About WeLoveAnimals Foundation

WeLove Animals Foundation seeks to help alleviate animal suffering and raise public awareness regarding the same.
We have programs currently in place to try and change public attitudes and promote action towards conditions and factors that compromise the well-being of animals. Our current programs cover feeding strays, providing medical aid, sterilization, vaccinations, adoption, fostering and much more. We are collaborating with schools as part of our education and awareness program to teach/inspire kids and build a better relationship with animals and the environment. We also work with other NGOs who do their part to prevent animal suffering.
From our perspective, much remains to be done in order to increase accessibility to various types of services for animals. The trust currently covers all of Mumbai with an aim to one day turn Mumbai into a cruelty-free city that never turns away an animal that needs help. Animals enrich our lives, improve our physical and mental health, and strong human-pet relationships help people and pets live longer and happier lives. Follow our continuing story and see the impact our foundation has on improving the lives of animals. As we go forward, we hope that you will join us and become a part of this story. Animals
need you to advocate for them and together with your support, we hope to extend our services nationwide and make India a better place for them.

About Mohit Lalvani (Founder/ Trustee)

The love for animals runs deep within the founder, Mohit Lalvani’s family which includes his wife Mumtaz, his son Raahil and daughter Imaan. The entire Lalvani family will be responsible for the overall management of the charity and all aspects of fundraising.
The decision for starting such a trust was made by Mohit who, on the eve of turning 50, decided to go completely Vegetarian. “Serving animals is what I love, hence I don’t want to be served an animal” is what the pet care veteran and Founder of Captain Zack has to say.
As a young animal lover growing up, Mohit had adopted 10 dogs in his building and, over the years, the family has registered over 100 dogs to the BSPCA (The Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). The family currently has 7 pets- his dog Zack and six cats (out of which 2 are rescue cats, one with a disability).

About Mumtaz Lalvani (Trustee)

Just like her husband Mohit, Mumtaz is a hard-core animal lover.  Mumtaz Lalvani credits the establishment of WeLove to her family’s collective love for animals and the immense happiness it brings to all four of them Her love for animals runs deep and, ever since she can remember, growing up she has always had a pet. She has rescued all kinds of animals, right from rabbits to eagles, and nursed them back to health. Mumtaz wasn’t always set on being an entrepreneur, but she felt a charitable trust dedicated to her love of animals could both be something helpful for the animals

“Once you know the joy of rescuing and adopting a stray or abandoned pet, you want to do more. Animals die every day in Indian shelters and on India’s streets and there’s so much to be done to better the world of animals as we know it.”

Mumtaz Lalvani, has always advocated for animal rights and is glad that she has passed on her love for animals to her 2 children. From her own experience and her experience with her 2 children and her 6 current pets, she truly believes that the best way to foster this love for animals in children is to have pets in the house while they are growing up.

About Payal Patel (CEO)

Payal joined WeLove Animals Foundation as CEO in early 2018. Prior to this, she spent 2 years learning all aspects of marketing and e-commerce while establishing her skills in sales and business with a renowned beauty and wellness brand. Her marketing experience also includes working on and building an online children’s portal.

She was so deeply touched by the death of her beloved dog Mojo that she decided to dedicate her time to the care and well-being of all animals. Payal was inspired by Mohit’s initiative and shares a similar vision that they hope will, one day, have a national impact on the welfare of animals in India.

“Pets enrich our lives, improve our physical and mental health, and help people live longer and happier lives. They need you to advocate for them and at WeLove Animals Foundation, we aim to do our best to educate the public on various animal welfare issues. Our goal is to create a community where animal lovers come together, share and contribute towards causes like feeding, sterilizations, vaccinations etc.”

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